Customer Testimonials

I used Jeremy at New River Energy Solutions a few months ago to tint my house windows. He did a great job, showed up on time and was easy to work with. The tint really made a difference in the temperature of my upstairs bedroom, which gets full sun in the afternoons. It also created some privacy from the road and I can leave my curtains open now. I liked it so much, I had him come back and do the rest of my house. I would recommend Moutaineer Home Tinting to everyone!​​​

-Heather Stanberry, Boone

Jeremy was the finest man , I ever had working in my home, on time, clean, the windows look great, not one bubble. He's kind and accommodating I highly recommend him and his company....​​

- Peggy Alper, Beech Mountain

We are so happy that we decided to tint our house windows, our house was so hot during the day because of afternoon sun. The tinting has made the house significantly cooler. Also,the sun used to cause a glare and now it is like our house has on sunglasses! Jeremy did a fantastic job. We are so glad that we made this investment into our home!​​​

- David and Anna Welsh, Boone